Braids & Mom Chats

Took DD to a birthday party at a trampoline park this afternoon. Chatting with a fellow  Mom whose DD is the same age, and has very long hair, braids came up. She is learning to do a “Dutch” braid, which to me is an ‘inside-out’ French braid. Continue reading

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Kind Words

Spotted on Facebook – perfect for my blog.


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Didn’t want to get out of bed this AM, just tired. Overwhelming workload, plus I’ll be juggling that with kids at home again too. Seriously, this winter, ugh!!

Decided to peek at Reddit before getting up. It usually cheers me up. I never post or comment, but browse it occasionally. Here’s a gem from the “Get Motivated” subreddit: Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking & Pi Day

It’s March 14, written in the US style as 3/14, hence, Pi-Day. (I have to clarify ‘the US style,’ since in the UK, it’s “The 14th of March” & written as 14/3.)

And Stephen Hawking died today. Continue reading

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How We Speak to Those in Pain

I saw this article, “When I tell you about my difficult birth, here’s what I need you to do.”

“Words that encourage me to gloss over my experience, or push aside my feelings simply aren’t helpful right now. You mean well, I know, but when you tell me to be grateful, it makes me feel guilty. And when you remind me that I am lucky, it makes me feel alone.”

This reminded me of my post, “Glass Half Full,” where I wrote, Continue reading

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I Made a New Pink Floyd Fan

I blogged that last Thursday was the 45th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album. I played, “Breathe” as the cool-down music after one of my fitness classes on Saturday. I think that track is fantastic for yoga, minus the awful yelling in the intro, so I can’t put it into one of my yoga mixes. But Saturday, I just skipped past it when I turned the song on. Continue reading

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I Binged This Afternoon

I’ve been great at staying “on the wagon” since New Year’s. I even decided to extend my usual two-weeks off sugar schedule to a full three weeks in January. I had my “cheat weekend,” & got right back on.

But this week, I binged Tuesday night and again this afternoon.  Continue reading

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