Ease and Benefit of Networking

I mentioned in my post on Hustling that I used to feel awkward networking – calling up past colleagues to chat & see if they had opportunities for me & vice versa. But I’ve grown increasingly comfortable with it. Even in the past few weeks, my comfort level has increased. I’ve heard so often, “Great to hear from you! Nice catching up! Next time don’t let it go so long.” Someone just replied on LinkedIn, “Hey Megan!!!! how are you?” Continue reading

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Wholesome + Random Music

I recently reread my post, “Wholesome Reddit and the Feels.” Reliving feelings from when I wrote a post is a nice benefit to blogging.

I’ve been listening to a lot of classic rock or electronic/ trance style music lately. I’ve missed funk. I pulled up the band Slave and the lyrics to “Wait for Me,” are exceedingly wholesome. (LOL, the wholesomeness is rather incongruent with that name!) Continue reading

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Mental Overload & Distractions

Sometimes doing social media for work is HARD because it’s too easy to get distracted! Saw this hashtag on Twitter: WriteAHappyStoryIn4Words

Decided to join in – got carried away! LOL, I really only spent about 1 minute as these things flowed out.

  • Life full of love
  • So cheesy, I know
  • Deeply connect with others
  • Share and feel joy
  • I am enjoying this
  • Help! I can’t stop

Continue reading

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The Strength of Your Belief in Me

I wrote earlier about how a colleague I highly respect asked me to team up to help grow our marketing businesses. It was high praise, which lit a fire under me for various reasons.

We met for lunch with another friend Continue reading

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English Ways & Music

I’ve written before how I’m a big-time Anglophile. I’m very familiar with the key differences between British and American English, due to Harry Potter, as well as my many British colleagues over the years. Continue reading

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Living Your Values, aka Recipe for Happiness

I don’t remember my Mom using the word “values,” often when I was a child, but I was definitely raised with a strong set of values I still have today. The first two, she discussed often, but the others she simply modeled. I see her & my Dad continue to live them today.

I’m a lucky lady to come from such a great family – profoundly lucky. And that’s something I’m keenly aware of.  Continue reading

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I’ve been working full time in tech marketing for 18 years now, and I remain surprised at how much just taking action leads to success.

So often, successes aren’t due to some grand plans, special genius, or extraordinary talent. People earn revenue and close deals… because they’re following up. Getting shit done. Banging the phone. Continue reading

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