My Goals with this Blog

  • Update 2-5X per week
  • Keep posts about 300-500 words, not much more, although an occasional short post is fine.

I’m known on the Turnstep Bulletin Board (TBB) for “Book-length” posts, so this will take some effort, although I plan to do posts in numerous parts when the info is important & warrants the length.

  • Include a variety of photos and videos
  • Keep up with tags!
  • Post mostly helpful, useful stuff in addition to occasional just funny stories that aren’t actually ‘useful’ to anyone.

What I won’t do:
Include pics of my kids or their names. I’ve been a part of a discussion forum since 2000 and I remember one lady posting with her entire full name & location, and posting about her kids using their names. She posted about private difficulties with her daughter and I thought if I were a teenager and my Mom revealed all of this in a public forum, I would be exceedingly humiliated!

This was years before I was even married, but it left an impression on me and I decided then to keep my children private. I’ll let them decide how much, if anything, they want to reveal of themselves online when the time comes. So I’ll definitely post stories about them, but they’ll be referred to as, “DS” and “DD” in bulletin-board terms for Dear Son and Dear Daughter.

I also don’t plan to reveal my last name. Like any professional in the year 2012, I have a public persona related to my full time career. That full time career is totally unrelated to fitness, so I’d like to just keep these public worlds separate, for the most part.


Well… DS’ face is all over my One-Hour Partner Yoga Flow Sequence post. He’ll be 9 soon, and I think that’s plenty old enough for him to decide he’s comfortable sharing images of himself online. Establishing, managing, and censoring one’s online identity is now every bit as much a part of becoming an independent adult as learning to do your own laundry. (A task he has contributed to for many years now.)

Although I’ll still refer to him only as “DS” rather than using his name.

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