Why Home Gym Workouts are Great

I’m a big traitor. I pitched a colleague on building a home gym as opposed to joining one. As an active employee of numerous fitness centers, does that make me a traitor to discourage someone from joining a fitness center?
Well, so be it. I guess I place FITNESS first – I’m not a traitor to working out. 😉 He said budget was a consideration and I know sometimes getting in the car & getting yourself to the gym is a deterrent, so those are the primary reasons I encouraged him to explore the home-gym route. This is going to be at least 2 parts initially, and I suspect numerous updates.


  1. You don’t have to drive anywhere
  2. You can listen to whatever music you like without headphones
  3. You can be noisy

Some people chose to grunt loudly anyway, but I personally am a bit more inhibited in a public gym with others versus all by myself.

4. You can workout barefoot (or in only socks)

5. You can do some crazy stuff that really doesn’t work in a public gym. (More on this.)

6. Convenience

OK, this has some overlap with #1, but DD was sick recently while I was off work for the holidays. I had planned to take her to the Y and leave her in the childcare there, but of course I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) with her sick. Well, rather than sacrificing a workout, I just lifted while she napped.

7. It’s a family affair

Generally, I lift during the afternoon as my lunch break from work while the kids are in daycare, since I work my full time job from home. DH works out early in the morning before the kids are up. But every now and again, on a Sunday or holiday, we’ll lift with the kids around. Of course we take turns paying attention to DD between sets so no one gets hurt. And more often, it’s only DS around while DD naps. But already I’ve had my toddler son be my ‘weight’ and he’s beaten up the tractor tire with us.

I try hard to set an example and encourage, rather than force. I’d hate to shove fitness down my kids throats and have them reject it! But if we can simply set an example by having them SEE us workout, and also sometimes make them a part of it and make it fun, I think those 2 things are the best way we can set them up to be healthy and fit.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT encouraging my kids to lift weights! They just hang out, watch, and DS participated in the beating of the tractor tire. Once I finally get it, I’ll also have them sit on my sled while I drag it, which I suspect they’ll both find fun!

Crazy stuff you can do in your home gym:

Being forced to be creative has actually been fun.

  • Walking around with a barbell on your back – obviously totally unsafe with others around
  • Sled pulls
  • Beating a tractor tire with a sledgehammer
  • Walking steps with dumbbells in hand (You can certainly do walking lunges in a public gym, and I have many times. But most of the gyms near me don’t have any steps at all for walking.)
  • Toddler weight workout
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