Brought Lunch to Jury Duty… in an Iron Man Lunchbox

I eat most of my meals at home. Not only does this save tremendous amounts of money, it generally helps you eat healthier.

I had jury duty a few weeks ago. I’ve received a summons at least twice prior in my life, but upon calling in the night before, my number was never called. This was the first time I’ve ever had to show up. 

I packed my lunch in this thermos bag.

Yes, Iron Man does happen to be my favorite super hero, although we purchased this for my son when he started kindergarten. He now has a Star Wars lunch bag, so this is a spare.

I made a big batch of chicken salad 2 nights prior and still had some left. Along with leftover steamed cauliflower, this had been my lunch for a few days. I don’t like cauliflower cold, and I didn’t expect to have access to a microwave to heat it up. It turned out there was one, but I’m aware how unpleasant the smell is, so I suppose it’s polite to have left it at home!

For extra veg, I packed cucumber sticks with hummus, plus 2 mandarins, and cashews with a few dried cherries mixed in. The cherries have added sugar, so I add them sparingly. It doesn’t take much to sweeten up the cashews. It’s a great mix.

I sat and worked in the snack room (that’s the only quiet spot without the sound of the movie playing.) Surrounded by people eating chips from the vending machines. Sure, I feel virtuous for bringing a healthy meal, but I bet mine was actually more satisfying and more enjoyable. And I didn’t feel any guilt indulging in Indian food later that night!

It turned out they didn’t need any jurors, so they dismissed us around 12:30. We were told that happens often on Fridays.

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