Breath in the Air and Shift Gears

On my way to teach yoga last night, I wasn’t feeling it. Obviously, I have no choice! I must figure out a way to be ‘feeling it,’ so I can deliver! I had “Dark Side of the Moon” on CD in my car, so I put on the track “Breathe.” At the words “Breathe, breath in the air,” I started slow, deep breaths. I thought about “shifting gears,” from Mom and Tech Marketer to Yoga Instructor. My car is a manual transmission, so I was literally shifting gears, as I thought about figuratively shifting gears among the roles in my life. It was quite effective! I felt calm and ready to teach in the whopping 8-minute drive! 😉

I decided to tell that story at the beginning of class as they were in child’s pose. I mentioned that I’ve been on a big Pink Floyd kick lately and one man gave a big thumbs up! 🙂


Grateful for Yoga

I’m grateful for this group and the opportunity to teach them. I’m usually not thinking at all about anything bothering me for the entire hour I teach. It’s blissful relief. Before class, I had an unread text from my least-favorite client on my phone. I put it on airplane mode with great satisfaction!


Lately I feel a bit squashed by disappointments and obligations. I tried to find a better ‘squashed’ image but this is the best I could come up with. It’s kinda cute, but also especially pathetic and sad in a way. The idea of a benevolent, magical creature like a fairy getting smushed and having her wing torn off is particularly sad.


Well, perhaps squashed is superior to drowning, as I wrote about previously.

This made me laugh out loud!



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