Valuing Our Connections Unconditionally

An acquaintance shared this image on Facebook, and I had to be the downer and make a somewhat negative comment.


I felt like this statement has a caveat. “Someone who chooses us, over everyone¬†[they know.]” It would be nice if our friends, significant others, and employers chose us and loved us for who we are. Without the implication of, “Well… of all the women I’ve met, you happen to be the least annoying, so I choose you.”

I want to be chosen, and not chosen reluctantly.


On one hand, I think I’m being petty for making this distinction.

But on the other hand, it’s not petty at all to want to be valued for who I am… period, end of story, or as the English say, “Full Stop.”

It would hurt me for my manager at the gym to communicate, explicitly or implicitly, “Well, not many people teach fitness to seniors, so of the few I’ve met, I’m glad you’re on my team.” Or if my friend said, “I moved away from my childhood friends, but at least I’m glad I have you to go for a pedicure with.”

Conditional Love

Fuck that. I’m worth appreciating for me. No conditions.

Aaahhhh… that’s it. “Conditions.” That’s what bothers me about these statements. They feel conditional.

See? This is why I blog. LOL. It helps me achieve these realizations.



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