Gratitude, Bragging, Looking Forward

This morning, I wanted some business advice and knew immediately who to call on. I didn’t hesitate to solicit his input via email. I feel grateful to have him in my life, and certainly not just for such advice.

Tuesday, I enjoyed a fantastic dinner + walk & chat with another friend.

Wednesday, I worked out with yet another friend, who also brought her friends along to my home gym. It was fun. I pulled out my tire and sledge hammer, which I haven’t done in ages.

Grateful for My Connections

I’m feeling exceedingly grateful for my ‘connections,’ as I’ve written recently  here on my blog.

Now Bragging

Moving on to some straight-up bragging, I just want to share about my son. I see so much of myself in him. He’s undeniably empathetic. Just last night, he said something that cracked me up, which happens often. He then said, “I love seeing you smile.”

Yup. I was laughing and he said, “I love seeing you smile.”

Doesn’t that melt your heart?! How sweet is that??!

He also seems to deeply examine ideas and enjoy in-depth discussions. Recently DD was being silly and asked him, “Do you like nothing?”

He replied, “Do you mean, is there nothing that I like, or do I like nothing itself?”

That struck me as deep. Analytical. I was impressed!

Wishing Your Kids Stayed Young

I have a good relationship with my Mom & enjoy time with her, interacting as adults. I expect to appreciate such interactions in the future with my own adult children.

I’ve always looked forward to “launching” my kids, and seeing them go off into the world to seek their own adventures. Careers, families, travel, etc. Those phases of life are as appealing and exciting to me as seeing them take their first steps, or their first days of school.

Maybe it is the fact that I’m simply not very nostalgic, but I’ve never understood the sentiment that kids are “growing up too fast,” and “I wish they would stay this young forever.”


Here we are at Fort McHenry in the summer of 2013, so DD was 2, DS 5. Yes, they’re adorable, but I still had to wipe her butt. 😉

As I type, I realize that it is only “too fast” if you’re not paying attention. If you’re not enjoying these moments. If they fly past you without recognition and appreciation.

I don’t think I’m guilty of that often, so perhaps that’s why seeing them age and grow doesn’t sadden me in the least.


February of 2016, so DD was nearly 5, DS 7. Family yoga is something we couldn’t have done together at those younger ages. (My feet are too wide, but I was quite distracted! DD wasn’t supposed to be crawling under!)

My Soon-to-be Tall Son

Speaking of ‘growing,’ my son is around the 85 – 90th percentile in height, and has been consistently since he was 2 weeks old. He should therefore grow to be approximately 6′ or 6’1″. I am 5’4″, so I joke about how weird it’ll be to look up at him to tell him he’s not permitted to go out if he hasn’t done his school work.

We joke about it, and I look forward to seeing him grow to be taller than me.

Perhaps this is all because I simply look more to the future than to the past.

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