Moving Group Fitness Music

For my readers who aren’t fellow group ex instructors, we must purchase special music for many of our classes. It’s mixed to consistent perfect 32-count phrases, whereas normal music may have an occasional 16-count bridge. Each song must also transition smoothly into the next, maintaining a consistent downbeat, as well as consistent, or slowly increasing, Beats Per Minute (BPM.)

Custom Mix Splurge

There are several DJs who sell such mixes for an average of $16. 32 Mix is my personal favorite. However, they’re pre-mixed. You can’t select every individual song… unless you shell out closer to $50 for a custom. I’m passionate about music – which is quite evident on this blog! I’ve splurged on custom mixes four times over the past several years, after amassing songs over several months that move and motivate me. I purchased three at 130 BPM for step aerobics and muscle conditioning, and one at 138 BPM for cardio kickboxing and cardio blast.

Today I used one of my favorite mixes for step class, and enjoyed the below as the last track. We were cooling down and putting away body bars, prior to stretch (done to Pink Floyd, of course.)


There is no doubt I’m guilty of some changes for the worst lately – reverting to comfort eating sweets. Totally off the wagon. Today was better for the first time in a while. Not sure if I’ll blog about it later. I suppose I should.

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