Making Mismatched Diets Work Part 2

I suspected this would happen, but after posting part 1, I’m remembering more meals and thinking, “How could I not include that?!”

Here goes:

  • Spaghetti

We make this recipe. It’s delicious & 100% paleo. Of course, spaghetti noodles are decidedly not paleo and not very healthy. But I’m really not a big fan of pasta, and I don’t miss it at all. I eat my spaghetti sauce with “noodles” made of steamed, thin slices zucchini, AKA “Zoodles.” Carrots work too, and I occasionally throw the sauce over steamed cauliflower.

  • Chili

Yeah, kidney beans aren’t paleo, but it doesn’t bug me, per below. Plus they’re the only non-paleo ingredient. Chili is yummy and very nutritious. I stuff mine with extra veg, such as carrots and celery. A quarter cup of red wine is also essential.

  • Soups

Chicken noodle soup is delicious and another universally popular food. Since the noodles are always added last, it’s simple for me to first scoop out a noodle-free portion for myself. I will also occasionally replace noodles with barley.

Brief Note on my Paleo Exceptions

A strict paleo diet excludes all dairy, grains, and legumes. Obviously I still indulge in chocolate chip cookies and beer. 😉 These non-paleo foods are indeed “indulgences,” and best eaten only occasionally, regardless of your dietary philosophy. However, I don’t mind regularly eating some legumes, such as kidney beans and hummus (chick peas are the primary ingredient – legumes), as well as some whole-grains, such as barley, steel-cut oats, and brown rice.

Generally, the closer to nature the food, the better.

And the above legumes and grains are all unprocessed, whole foods which are high in fiber and other nutrients. I don’t eat many grains throughout the day, but have found that eating some at breakfast, in particular, is preferable to fuel me for the day.

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