Yoga Music & Quotes

I’m nearly finished listening to the book, An Uncommon Bond by Jeff Brown. My opinion hasn’t improved, but I still enjoy his quotes on Facebook. I slightly reworded his post and read it at the end of Savasana tonight: 

Kindness is an oasis we offer one another

Kindness melts defenses
Softens edges

Kindness pierces armor
Eradicates shame

Kindness lightens loads
Awakens hope and clears debris

Kindness invites connection and inspires kindness

So let kindness be your daily ritual
Let it flow from the wellspring of your heart

Inviting connection reminds me of his earlier quote on intimacy, and the mention of shame reminds me of this quote from the book, Daring Greatly.  I enjoyed the fact that this  passage made me recall other touching and powerful things I’ve read recently.

I had a man and woman attend with, I presume, their daughter who looked to be perhaps 11 or 12. The man commented that he enjoyed the music tonight. 🙂 I know playing artists like Pink Floyd and Rush is rare in yoga. I’m willing to bet Winger is a unique track for yoga as well! But that song really is beautiful. It’s definitely a fit! Tonight’s playlist is below.

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