Soup Makes Everything Better

Finally the weather is cool here in Maryland! There is just something wrong about going on hay rides, carving pumpkins, and putting up Halloween decorations while wearing shorts. I should be in high boots, a sweater, and a fleece! Today I decided to make soup: Rachael Ray’s Mighty Minestrone. Seems others had a similar idea. The chicken broth was picked over at the grocery store.

Soup is Soothing

Years ago, DH & I saw a Rush documentary in which Geddy and Alex discussed their ritual of going out for soup upon arriving in a new city while on tour. Geddy said, “Soup makes everything better.” DH and I still quote him. There is something so wonderfully soothing about it.


It later hit me that not everyone will know… this is Alex & Geddy of Rush.

Soup is also convenient, since it’s a complete meal in one pot (protein, carb, & veg), you can do the work in advance, leave it simmering on the stove, and eat later, and finally it freezes well and is delicious left over.

There is something even soothing about making soup.

Soup for Christmas

Years ago, I decided to make soup, chili, and spaghetti sauce as Christmas gifts. Everyone tends to have enough ‘stuff,’ but you always need healthy meals for dinner and lunch. I made a bunch for my parents, co-workers, and friends.

I made chicken soup with barley as the carb. As a whole grain, it’s healthier and higher in fiber than noodles, and just as good. One co-worker said she ate it when she was sick, and loved it. It was the only thing she wanted to eat.

Another of my favorites is Rachael Ray’s Smoky Sweet Potato Soup. (You can skip the scallions, but do not skip cilantro and sour cream. Yum!) I like split pea soup and beef stew  as well.

Rush for Yoga

This is a beautiful song I’ve been using lately in my yoga mix, as well as for cool down in my other fitness classes.

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