The Person You Want to Be

DH and I watched this snippet of Dan Rather interviewing Geddy Lee, lead singer, bassist, and keyboardist of Rush. He tells a story in the beginning through 2:35 that I recommend you watch first.

I’ll wait.

The phrase, “I don’t want to be that guy,” resonated with me. How beautifully stated. And what a wonderful sweetness Geddy exhibits. Simple empathy. Appreciation for people [like me] who just adore him and his bandmates.

He said he even “takes over the situation” when a fan is flustered and nervous, and sets them at ease. Damn, I didn’t think I could love Rush any more! That reminded me of my recent post, “I am a Pacifier.” Seeing others struggling somehow and proactively stepping up to help set them at ease. Just beautiful.


Our handsome dog we named after Geddy


I think too few of us stop, reflect, and ponder the question, “Am I acting like the person I want to be?”

I know it’s on my mind often. I suppose that’s why I found his statements powerful. That doesn’t mean every minute, of every day, I feel I am acting like the ideal version of Meg. PSSCHT! Nope! Just that I’m trying and aware of it.

Walking & Chair Dancing Music

Since canceling Sirius satellite radio a few months ago, I’ve been listening to FM and really enjoying 100.7 the bay, classic rock. I heard this one and added it my walking list on Google play, and forced my kids to listening to it repeatedly in the car. 🙂 Thankfully, they dig classic rock too.

One of my favorite stations on Sirius was “The Groove,” old school funk. I haven’t listened to that genre much at all lately, so I pulled up a favorite and was dancing in my chair working the other day. 🙂 I love the laugh and talking in the intro – cracks me up…. “I ain’t gonna bite you.”

Next I had to concentrate a bit more, so put on some classical & really enjoyed a violin concerto by Handel. Ha, my musical tastes are quite varied, but I think that’s a good thing. I grew up going to see the symphony in Philly, playing in the orchestra, and hearing my Mom play Credence Clearwater Revival, and my brother play Van Halen in his Trans Am* with the T-tops that constantly leaked. Good times.

*It’s possible I’m remembering that wrong, but it was some sort of sporty car.


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