Is Leaning on Others Wrong?

I recently read, “We don’t need anyone to prop us up when we can already stand.”

Sure, the ability to stand independently is important. Absolutely.

But we all have so many things in life trying to knock us down. Difficult clients, health problems, rude bosses, temper-tantruming kids, etc.

The support of loved ones is a delicious thing to balance all that.

Why would we choose to not feel that? Why would we choose to stand independently rather than sometimes leaning on our loved ones?

Leaning on Others

To lean on others doesn’t necessarily mean you are in capable of standing independently.

It simply  means you’re lucky enough to have loved ones you can rely on. You can let your guard down. Take off your armor. Be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be supported.

Keeping your armor on and not allowing loved ones to support you isn’t healthy anyway, and denies them the joy of giving support.

Like this post, I guess this is another time I need to just say, “Fuck you.” If you think I’m weak because I sometimes lean on others, that’s on you, and I’m just not going to take that onto myself.

I only lean on those who invite me to.
I lean carefully, not squashing them with my weight.
I express gratitude at their support.
And of course I eagerly return the favor at any opportunity I may have.


Here are some loved ones who support me – my big sister & brother. Go ahead & criticize them. I fucking dare you! (OK, only half-kidding!)

Necessity is The Key

I realize necessity is the key. Leaning on others allows us to be connected, versus true loners. It isn’t necessarily a problem to lean on others, but rather a problem to be unable to persist and thrive without leaning.

If, without leaning, we fall over << that’s the problem.

Yeah, I get it.



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