Timely Boosts

I landed a new client through the freelancing site UpWork. And it’s going spectacularly well. I’m really enjoying digging in and helping them with a wide variety of marketing initiatives. Like most of my clients, they need help with not merely executing on tasks, but knowing what they should be doing – strategy, selecting which tasks ought to be done, then executing. It’s an ideal fit for me.

My client also calls me often. We email, but I’ve spoken with him 1-3X per day most days for the past month. He’s freely expressed that he has enjoyed working with me, is glad to have me on board, and appreciates my efforts.

He’s making me glow!

But I’m also energized at this particular opportunity to ‘flex my muscles’ so to speak. I’m branching out a bit and executing on tasks I haven’t done for a few years. Nothing entirely brand new, just things I haven’t done recently.

I also, diplomatically, helped shed some light on the fact that their existing consultants weren’t acting in the client’s best interests.

Teaming Up

I was recently chatting with another colleague I highly respect. A fellow marketing freelancer, her skillset is highly complementary to mine. She asked if I might want to team up in helping to grow.

She’s been freelancing longer than me, and has grown to the point of having an employee. She’s highly skilled, and I admire her, not only for her marketing prowess. The fact that she felt I was worthy of teaming with is a high compliment.


Get Out the Crackers

I saw the below on reddit – “Get Motivated,” and the next one on Facebook. I liked both, but admit they are cheesy!



The Vulnerability of Celebrating

I wrote this post a few weeks ago & have been reluctant to click “publish.” That old issue of, “If it turns south, I’ll feel that much worse about it because I publicly declared my joy.” The vulnerability of celebrating a success in this manner is something addressed in the book, “Daring Greatly.” I’m going to try to get comfortable & just click PUBLISH!

Glowing Song

Here’s one of my new fav songs. Added to my yoga mix for the “Power Series” portion of class (post warm-up, lots of sun sals, standing strength postures, the time in class you’re exhausted, dripping sweat, may be wondering, ‘Why am I doing this?’ But feeling good and spent!)

I was belting it out in the car. Most of the notes I can hit fairly well. The song is effusive with joy.

After it ended, DD simply said, “Again!” That’s my girl. 🙂

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