The Strength of Your Belief in Me

I wrote earlier about how a colleague I highly respect asked me to team up to help grow our marketing businesses. It was high praise, which lit a fire under me for various reasons.

We met for lunch with another friend who has done some freelance WordPress development for my clients. After lunch, the developer posted on Facebook:

There is nothing more inspiring and energizing than being in a group of smart, strong women.
Thanks for making the trek into the city Megan!

Not Marching Alone

We have no VC funding. There isn’t much in the way of official “partnership.” But it still has been powerful for me. Feeling like someone is beside me on this journey – fighting the same good fight, wanting to see me succeed.

It’s such a boost.

Part of me almost feels guilty about this… like I’m weak for needing encouragement.

But then I kick that gremlin, because that is just a stupid gremlin of self-doubt.

Weak for Needing Encouragement?

I would be weak if I could not function without encouragement. But I can. It’s just that I feel good, and a bit more motivated with encouragement. And I’m trying not to feel bad about that.

As noted in numerous other posts, encouragement is powerful for me.


I always love a good pun




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