Work Hard, Play Hard

I applied the below Richard Branson quote to my business early on.


I started less than 2 years ago, and knew that I needed to leap for any opportunities. It’s how I got up to speed on a wide variety of technologies. It was time consuming, and my “effort to income ratio,” as I put it, was weak for a while. But I set the stage, I laid a foundation, and I gained the trust of my clients. They’ve referred me to their colleagues and brought me additional business.

And now I must apply that concept to workload! Ha! I’m not sure how I’m going to make time for it all, but fuck it, sleep is overrated!

Ha, no, no it’s not. It’s literally torture to deprive people of sleep, but I’m kidding! I’m cutting back on how much time I’m actively spending with my kids – which is fine. They’re with DH and their friends more often, my parents have babysat, and I haven’t cooked much lately. All tradeoffs I can work with.

The Life of The Party

I’ve never been a “Center of Attention” type of person. I generally don’t enjoy crowds. I teach fitness classes, but don’t always enjoy all eyes on me. I consider myself an “extroverted introvert.” I do enjoy my close friendships and occasionally meeting new people, but I also enjoy time alone. And I prefer smaller groups, and fewer, but deeper connections.

I went to DH’s company’s holiday party this week and my empathy kicked in in some interesting ways. First, we walked into the building with another couple. One of DH’s colleagues who was still fairly new to the company, and her husband. She commented on feeling awkward in these types of situations. I’ve already been to a few events and had a degree of familiarity with some of his colleagues. They’re tech people, so that alone makes me feel a degree of kinship. 😉

I chatted with her a bit throughout the night, and later gladly joined her in singing, “Single Ladies.” The desire to make her feel more comfortable took over, and overrode my own discomfort.


I knew they were doing karaoke, and I hadn’t planned to participate. I do enjoy singing, but I’m not very good at it. My range is limited, and my tone is just lousy anyway. Well, the CEO kicked things off with “Faithfully,” by Journey. He’s a good guy. I’ve chatted with him at these events, and even ran into him at a trampoline park a few months ago. Just a few bars into the song, he commented that he wanted someone to join him. No one stepped up. He again gestured and said something like, “C’mon up!”

Well, I was not about to leave the man hanging! So, I joined in. Ha! Not sure how well I sang, but he was obviously grateful. He hugged me while we sang, and few times later that night. I joked with him and another exec that I normally only sing one single note, leading the chanting at the end of yoga.

Overall, I had a great time. The food was great & the drinks were fantastic (and… yes… a bit too much in quantity!)

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