Life is Too Short + Vampire Novels & Ear Piercings

Holidays means juggling my work with the kids being home. Definitely a bit of a hassle, but it hasn’t been too bad. I had a great chat with my friend Gary yesterday. I can’t recall why, but I shared this blog with him, “The Downside of Empathy: Don’t Put Your S*** on Me,” & we chatted about the concept of others telling you you’re doomed to suffer in the same way they did when walking a similar path. Gary commented,

“I sometimes embrace the saying, “Into the Maelstrom” for when I am making a choice with unknown outcomes. At least I am certain it was MY choice that took me there.”

I thought that was interesting, and replied,

“and, overall, great to make the choice and GO THERE than to just sit on your ass & not experience new things & live life”

Gary responded,

“oh yeah. Well life is short. That’s a tired cliche, but really true in that opportunities sometimes come once. Exploring the world is an exploration of ourselves, what we enjoy and what we don’t.”

I loved that & promptly copied it into a blog, even before he said, “You can use that on your blog if you like.” LOL!

Vampire Novels

product_thumbnail.jpgHe’s a fascinating dude, and quite an accomplished writer himself, having written two horror/ vampire novels.  He’s currently working on completing his third vampire novel sometime soon.



On a totally unrelated note, I saw a woman with her ear pierced like this yesterday & I liked it a lot. I don’t ever recall having seen it before… and now it’s on my mind.


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