Living with Purpose

I’ve posted before about the writings of author and psychologist Jeff Brown. I enjoyed this today:

“Imagine a world where ‘sacred purpose’ is part of our early-childhood education. Not ‘what are you going to be when you grow up?’, but ‘Why are you here? What are your gifts, callings, reasons for being? What purpose(s) live(s) at the core of your being?’…”


Just this morning, the kids were talking about what DD’s name would have been if she were a boy. With DS, we never picked a girl’s name, because we waited to make a selection until we knew he was a boy. With DD, we just happened to hear a boy’s name before she was even conceived. It was actually the name of the elderly gentleman we bought a mirror from through Craig’s List for our home gym. We liked it, and it fit well with the middle name we wanted, as well as our last name.

So, What’s Better? A Boy or Girl?

DS said something about us only having extra boy’s names because boys are better. YES, he was kidding, LOL! I’d have been horrified if he were serious! But I got a little serious myself and said, “What’s better is to be kind, hard working, curious, and brave and willing to try new things. That all has nothing to do with being a boy or girl.”


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