Evidence-Based Living

I feel as though writing a recipe for happiness makes it seem like I have it all figured out. Ha! Not quite. But I’m trying to live deliberately.

I remember first hearing the term, “evidence-based” with regards to childbirth. Clearly, we don’t want to base medicine on superstition, folklore, and tradition. That would have us putting dung on open wounds as they did in medieval times. Yeah… not wise.

The scientific method, large-scale, double-blind, randomized, controlled trials are the gold-standard for “evidence” on which to base healthcare decisions. When there’s evidence to be had, it should be considered. Particularly when it reinforces our instincts, it helps confirm our path is correct. The following pop to mind with regards to evidence-based living:

  • Get outside fairly often, and exercise regularly
  • Don’t spank kids or use other physical punishment
  • Minimize screen-time, especially for kids, and especially social media & video games (which provide feedback ‘rewards,’ unlike regular TV & movies, making them more addictive)
  • Don’t use food as a reward or punishment for kids
  • Be grateful, and express that gratitude
  • Find humor wherever you can, laugh often (and with abandon).

With that last one in mind, here’s DD at Aldi. I love the grocery store – crazy cheap! I’ve read even cheaper that Walmart (which I loathe.) You bring your own bags, and bag your groceries, which is my preference anyway. They give out boxes to use and, rather than put groceries in it, DD did this. 20171103_141136.jpg

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