Prime Mover & Optimism

I can’t stop listening to the album, “Hold Your Fire,” by Rush. Last night & this AM, “Prime Mover,” was a favorite track. I turned it on while the kids were getting dressed for school. DS enjoys it.

The lyrics remind me of “Available Light,” another favorite of mine, in that they seem to focus on drive, optimism, and looking forward to exciting new opportunities. Here’s a snippet from “Prime Mover.”

I set the wheels in motion
Turn up all the machines
Activate the programs
And run behind the scene
I set the clouds in motion
Turn up light and sound
Activate the window
And watch the world go round
Anything can happen
These lyrics remind me of the sentiment in this meme:
DS starting sing “Misson,” as well and asked what my mission was. I mention that raising him & his sister to be kind and driven was certainly a prime directive in my life, along with building my business, helping others get fit, enjoying fulfilling relationships, and exploring and enjoying this amazing world.
LOL that sounds just SO CHEESY! I know. But I had immediate answers to that Q. I don’t think of it as a “mission.” That term reminds me of the military, and seems to imply there’s an end point. I think “purpose in life” is a better fit, so that’s what I had in mind when answering him.
He’s only 9 but I have so many deep conversations like that with him. His growing mind absolutely fascinates me. Yeah, he drives me bonkers at times, but the vast majority of the time I love spending time with him and feel lucky to be his Mom.
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