Sadness vs. Joy of Kids Growing Up

Saw this on Facebook, “She’s Slipping Through My Fingers,”

This quote struck me:

But it is hard to know that you are no longer the guiding force for your tiny human, that you are no longer the sun to her small planet.

I don’t find it hard. On the contrary, it’s beautiful and wonderful. I look forward to “launching,” my children. It’s been on my mind since before they were born. That is the goal. I even tease DS about it at times that I want him, eventually, out of my house! Don’t worry, he’s welcome to stay if he really wants (he is). But more importantly, while it may be hard for him to understand now, he will not want to stay anyway.

I wrote before that I look at the relationship I currently have with my Mom and I look forward to reaching that point with my own children.

I’d find it awfully hard if my children did not gradually begin to grow out of seeing their parents as the center of their universe. That’s unhealthy, and it would upset me. I’d work to remedy it.

Why do I sometimes feel so alone in this?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy being a Mom to my kids. It’s just that I expect to enjoy being a Mom to teens and adults every bit as much as I enjoy being a Mom to my elementary-school-age kids.

I wrote this post a few months ago and never published. Today I saw a similar article, “I’ll Take the Tired—Because Someday They Will Leave Me,” which included the line, “And most of all, I dread the day their little hands turn into big hands and slip right through my fingers.”

I didn’t “slip through” my Mom’s fingers. I’m still a part of her life, as she is a part of mine – just in a different way. Although I had to laugh at this, “I’ll take the interruptions when I shower and the nagging when I try to sit down and relax for two seconds.” Just last night, I joked, through my bathroom door, “Can’t a lady poop in peace?” 😉

Empty Nest vs. Empty Home

The article concluded with the line, “because one day, one day soon, I’ll have an empty home instead.”

Of course the phrase, “empty nest,” refers to no longer having children living in the house. Sure, I’ll reach that point eventually. But that doesn’t mean I’ll have an empty home. I expect my life to be busy and my heart to be full, regardless of the quantity of people living full-time under the same roof.

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