Braids & Mom Chats

Took DD to a birthday party at a trampoline park this afternoon. Chatting with a fellow  Mom whose DD is the same age, and has very long hair, braids came up. She is learning to do a “Dutch” braid, which to me is an ‘inside-out’ French braid.

I don’t know how to do either type. But a year ago, I was watching the show Vikings and LOVED the braids of the character Lagertha. I found this link & included some favs below.


Add it to the to-do list, I suppose.

I also chatted with a Dad whose son attends a local private high school. So I asked which public school he’d attend if they went that route and what he thinks of it. The man was adamant. “Get them out [of public school], at least for high school.” He talked about the prevalence of smoking weed & drinking. <sigh> I know those things must happen at private schools too. I’d really rather not have to shell out the dough for private high school. I went to public school K-12 and got a great education. I was fully prepared for college.

Ugh. DS is only in the 4th grade, so I shouldn’t be stressing over it yet.

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