I Get You

The girl drama has begun already with DD. <sigh> We were supposed to go to a birthday party, but there was a freak out. I don’t feel like blogging about the whole story. So DH got home and was surprised we were there. He had brought himself home lunch, and said to me, “Do you want some of my drink, because I know how much you like fountain soda?”

I don’t drink soda too often and I don’t like it from a plastic bottle. From a can? Meh. I’d rather just have water. But from the fountain, yum! (All the better with those cool machines with different flavor options, like vanilla root beer.)

I was touched by his words. There was something about “… because I know you like,” That felt more considerate than merely, “Do you want some?” Being reminded that someone understands us, knows and remembers our preferences (or fears or pet peeves), is a nice thing.

Of course I shared that I appreciated that. 🙂

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