Frustrating Social Issues

I should stay off social media. Hmm, with the exception of Reddit, which always seems uplifting and life-affirming, in addition to being side-splitting hilarious!

Lately I’m frustrated by the battle over what’s inappropriate vs. who’s too sensitive. The left-wing says it’s “offensive” and should be “banned” and changed. (Actually, IMX, that’s incredibly rare that liberals call for “banning” something, but such statements are attributed to the left when their sentiments are distorted for click-bait.) Whereas the right says the left are a bunch of butt-hurt, snowflake, pansy, social-justice-warriors who won’t let anyone have any fun and are ruining everything for everyone.

(I particularly love the idiocy that merely not wanting to hear a song is “ruining everything for everyone.” But the idiocy runs deep in this one.)

One issue lately is the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside.” Some say the lyrics are “date-rapey.” Um, they are. They TOTALLY FUCKING ARE. Most people, if your son spoke to his date like that, you’d be pissed.

But we can still listen to the song, try not to think too hard about the lyrics, and point out that we’re GLAD our society today is more aware of affirmative consent! Encouraging clear communication between people, and discouraging anyone from excessively pressuring their love interest into sexual relations are both GOOD things!

And Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. The other reindeer are a bunch of bullies in that song. They would never let him join their games… (simply because he looks different) but then when he is USEFUL they suddenly love him?? Yeah, they’re total assholes.

But we can talk about what assholes those reindeer are while still enjoying the song & the movie.

Why can we not simultaneously point out that the lyrics are date-rapey & the reindeer are assholes, without 1. Refusing to ever listen to the songs again, 2. Viciously attacking those who point out these offensive attributes, and utterly dismissing the message by childishly calling them names like “snowflake” & “Twat Waffle”??

Our Modern Society is More Loving

Entertainment reflects our culture. And these songs don’t reflect our modern culture, which less accepting of date rape and bullying than it was in the past.

And again, the fact that our culture is less accepting of date rape and bullying is a good thing. (FFS, I should sure hope so! That’s considered good by everyone but “incels.” (Do NOT go down that internet rabbit hole!)

I’m frustrated by this pervasive need to dismiss viewpoints that seem opposing, not try to see issues from other points of view, and misrepresenting what others are saying.

Yup, Yup, time for a social media break.

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