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Stop Telling Me I’m Not Enough

I just went for a walk in a haze of anger. I read something earlier today that set me off. The sky just seemed the wrong shade of blue.

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Soup Makes Everything Better

Finally the weather is cool here in Maryland! There is just something wrong about going on hay rides, carving pumpkins, and putting up Halloween decorations while wearing shorts. I should be in high boots, a sweater, and a fleece! Today … Continue reading

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To be fair, I’m not comfortable with assigning a gender to obnoxious behavior. Men have no monopoly on pompous arrogance and condescension. But a friend shared on Facebook, “27 Tweets About Mansplaining That Will Make Women Both Laugh And Sigh,” … Continue reading

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Loner vs. Introvert

A dear friend posted this image on Facebook.

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I am a Pacifier, Thoughts on Parenting & Peace

I bought this for DD yesterday afternoon to go with her fairy Halloween costume. The braid got a bit frayed — something I had warned her about if she played with it. <sigh> She wants us to fix it, which … Continue reading

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Power of Encouragement Pt 3: Foundation

In my first post on “The Power of Encouragement,” I wrote that I had difficulty articulating this concept, and how powerful it is when someone believes in me. It’s been months now, but I recently had an epiphany.

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Restraint Collapse & Temper Tantrums

The first few weeks of school have been rough.┬áLots of temper tantrums. I had a nice chat with my Mom about it. She rocks, I should have vented to her sooner. I┬áthink the temper tantrums are partly due to the … Continue reading

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