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Living in the Available Light

I’ve always adored sunlight. My former boss and mentor joke that I’m a plant and need it for photosynthesis. DH takes it to the next level and jokes that I have square cells – which DS jubilantly repeats. (We are … Continue reading

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Brought Lunch to Jury Duty… in an Iron Man Lunchbox

I eat most of my meals at home. Not only does this save tremendous amounts of money, it generally helps you eat healthier. I had jury duty a few weeks ago. I’ve received a summons at least twice prior in … Continue reading

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The Importance of Empathy as Group Fitness Instructor

Many people feel awkward and self-conscious attending a group fitness class. And I totally get it. Because I struggle with anxiety myself. Even if I didn’t struggle with anxiety, I’d try to empathize with their feelings– as should all Group … Continue reading

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Top 5 Ways I Keep My Sugar Addiction in Check

A friend was interested in my thoughts on the concept that humans have no free will. Here’s a video of Sam Harris discussing the topic. It’s a strange concept and difficult to sum up. One core tenet is the fact … Continue reading

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Just Tell Me What to Do! The Relief of No Decisions

I tend to rope everyone I encounter into fitness. I’ve invited to my classes or lifted weights with everyone from office co-workers, to neighbors and my kids’ friends’ parents. In a previous post, I mentioned having reconnected with an old … Continue reading

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The [Not] Surprising TRUE Motivator…. VANITY!

I know how important exercise is to overall health. The benefits are astounding. I think everyone knows about reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer, but it helps you sleep better and helps your BRAIN – moods, memory, etc. … Continue reading

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It’s the easiest thing in the world to find an excuse to NOT eat healthy & NOT exercise. So easy. If only I could flip it around and just make better choices. I have so much in my arsenal. I … Continue reading

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