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Making Mismatched Diets Work Part 2

I suspected this would happen, but after posting part 1, I’m remembering more meals and thinking, “How could I not include that?!” Here goes:

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Making Mismatched Diets Work

I often discuss nutrition when teaching fitness classes. It’s a vital component of fitness, a fact that’s often forgotten. Many people think you can “out-exercise” a bad diet. But you just can’t.

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Eating Healthy on Vacation – Paleo on the Go

Yes, yes, I eat junk food when I go on vacation! 😉 That is part of “going on holiday,” as my colleagues in the UK say. However, I don’t eat all junkfood all day. That would make me feel horrible.

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Brought Lunch to Jury Duty… in an Iron Man Lunchbox

I eat most of my meals at home. Not only does this save tremendous amounts of money, it generally helps you eat healthier. I had jury duty a few weeks ago. I’ve received a summons at least twice prior in … Continue reading

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Explaining the Cult-Like Behavior of Paleo-Devotees

I recently read the statement that the Paleo diet seems to elicit ‘cult-like’ behavior in its devotees. I thought it was an interesting point, and something I don’t deny. I have a few ideas why & wanted to blog about it. … Continue reading

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Raining on The Paleo Parade

I posted yesterday about my response to the Scientific American article that the Paleo Diet is Half-Baked. The article contains this quote from anthropologist William Leonard of Northwestern University: “Too often modern health problems are portrayed as the result of … Continue reading

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The Journey to Local Food, Part 1: The Health Benefits

2 primary reasons drove me to local food: Health Ethics I’ll start with #1 and discuss #2 in a subsequent post, along with a post #3 on how to find local resources & some I’ve found in my area near … Continue reading

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